Our church community is committed to a few essentials. We exist to Encounter God, Encourage Each Other, and Engage the World.

We ENCOUNTER GOD in a very personal way through our weekend services, ENCOUNTER. When we gather at our weekend worship services, everything focuses on getting to know Him better through His Word and expressing our love for Him through singing, prayer, communion, and the arts.

When we center our attention on this relationship with God, we discover authentic community with each other. We ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER through loving actions and using the unique abilities God gives us to serve others. God actually went so far as to define Himself as “love” — not the mushy love popularized in the media, but the kind that really cares, forgives, makes sacrifices, and reaches out to people. We meet in community groups so that we can get to know each other beneath the surface and extend that love to each other.

Our focus turns outward to a world of people who really need what God offers. So, we intentionally share the love of God with people who have never come into a relationship with Him. We invite others to join us. We serve those who are hurting or in need. And, we are a part of what God is doing globally to relieve suffering and hopelessness and bring the gospel to those who have never heard. We describe all of this as ENGAGING THE WORLD.