Leadership & Staff

Our desire as a staff is to help equip and empower people to seek God and respond to His call in their lives. Feel free to contact any of our leadership team by clicking on their name to email them, or give them a call at 805-656-7766 followed by their extension. 

Dr. Daniel Hahn — Lead Pastor x270

Jack Monroe — Executive Pastor x226

Katy Jiroch — Assistant to Executive Pastor x231

Mark Riggins — Community Life Pastor x237

Lori Borrajo — Assistant to Community Life x270

Clare Rice — Director of Care & Recovery x251  

Gloria Needham — Director of Children’s Ministry x252

Kellianne Hern — Nursery Director x234 

Leslie Lewey — Elementary Director x239

Michelle Anthony — Lightforce & Childcare Director x239

Mae Asenas — Assistant to Children’s Ministry x248

Ryan Valliere — Director of Student Programs x238

Doug Christiansen — Middle School Programs/Video/Technology Director x272

Kaitlin Maxwell — Assistant to Student Programs x223

Lori Hahn — Director of Communications, Women’s Ministries & World Outreach x222

Lori Keebler — Assistant to Communications, Women's Ministries & World Outreach x222

Gerald Innes — Director of Operations & Facilities x271

Judy Fahlman — Accounting x266

Lorrainne Weiss — Accounts Payable x224

Tawnya Hunt — Graphic Designer x247

Jan Anderson — Receptionist x221

Debbie Gregg — Receptionist x221

Debbie Keegan — Director of Bible Fellowship Church Preschool x242

Teri Rogers — Assistant Director of Bible Fellowship Church Preschool x241